Free AgentBuilder Pro Evaluation Software

The tools in the evaluation version of AgentBuilder Pro are fully functional. You can build agents using AgentBuilder Pro and fully understand all of the capabilities of the product. However, only the sample agents described in the User's Guide Tutorial will execute in the Evaluation version..

To download the Evaluation Version right-click on the links below. Versions are available for Windows, Linux, Solaris and Solaris X86. Solaris versions are avaiable both with and without JREs.

You can also download the User's Guide, Reference Manual and other documentation by clicking on the links below.
AgentBuilder Evaluation Software
Linux AgentBuilderEval-v1.4-linux.tar.gz 25.2M
Solaris AgentBuilderEval-v1.4-solaris.tar.gz 15.6M
Solaris   (No JRE) AgentBuilderEval-v1.4-solaris-no-JRE.tar.gz 3.2M
Solaris X86 AgentBuilderEval-v1.4-solaris-x86.tar.gz 15.6M
Solaris X86 (No JRE) AgentBuilderEval-v1.4-solaris-x86-no-JRE.tar.gz 3.2M

AgentBuilder Documentation
AgentBuilder Reference Manual
AgentBuilder User's Guide
AgentBuilder ReadMe
AgentBuilder ReadMe (Solaris)
AgentBuilder Pro License
Managing User Names with Embedded Blanks
Running Other Versions of the JRE

*Note: The User Guide, Reference Manual and other materials are copyrighted Acronymics, Inc. Duplication and distribution of these documents is prohibited with the exception of one (1) copy for personal use by the individual downloading the document.

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