Consulting and Custom Agent Application Development

Companies recognize the value of using software agents as part of their enterprise software solutions. However, they also recognize that their in-house development staff do not have the necessary skills and expertise for building these next-generation agent-based systems. Acronymics, Inc. has a Consulting and Custom Agent Applications Development team to assist these companies. If your company is interested in developing next-generation agent-based systems, this team can assist your in-house staff in all phases of system development. We provide training and engineering services and can work with your staff in system architectural design, agent design, implementation and test.

Who We Are
Acronymics, Inc. is a US-based software development company. Acronymics personnel have developed software solutions for major corporations, the Department of Defense and NASA. In addition to developing and marketing the AgentBuilder product line, Acronymics, Inc. has extensive experience in development of custom software agents and agent-based solutions.

What We Do
Acronymics, Inc. focuses on developing intelligent software and systems for a wide variety of applications. Our past experience includes high-technology research and development efforts such as the US Army's Rotorcraft Pilot's Associate program. Our focus is on developing information systems with an emphasis on Internet-based system development. Acronymics has extensive background and experience in the development of object-oriented and object-based systems. Our experienced team has extensive experience in software development using the Java programming language.

Our Development Methodology
Acronymics uses a proven software development methodology that focuses on early and continuous customer participation, development of extensive system and software requirements specifications followed by use of a rapid applications development methodology that provides a series of incremental software builds. This methodology ensures that the client is involved throughout the development process.

Contact Information
For additional information concerning consulting services, custom agent development or agent-based information system development, please contact:

Mr. Dan Ballard, President & CEO
Acronymics, Inc.
2400 Brookhaven Dr.
Alma, AR 72921-5048

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