Acronymics, Inc. provides a variety of kinds of support for the AgentBuilder product. Support is provided free of charge for the first year on all product sales. Additional support as well as maintenance is available after the first year at a charge of 25% of the list price of the AgentBuilder product.

Support is normally provided by email. Telephone support is provided on an as-needed basis. For support, send an email request to You will need to supply your customer invoice number or customer name to receive email or telephone support. Acronymics, Inc. provides a number of other resources to support agent development. These include:

  • Examples: You can examine a number of example agents to learn how to construct agents.
  • FAQ: Check out the FAQ and any any ReadMe files provided with your AgentBuilder product.
  • User Documentation: Be sure and read the documentation provided with your AgentBuilder product. You can download both the User's Guide and the Reference Manual from the web site. Most users are quite productive with the AgentBuilder toolkit after working through the Tutorial Section of the User's Guide.
  • Training: Acronymics, Inc. also offers AgentBuilder training courses. Click here for more information on training.

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