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What is AgentBuilder?
gentBuilder is an integrated tool suite for constructing intelligent software agents. AgentBuilder consists of two major components - the Toolkit and the Run-Time System. The AgentBuilder Toolkit includes tools for managing the agent-based software development process, analyzing the domain of agent operations, designing and developing networks of communicating agents, defining behaviors of individual agents, and debugging and testing agent software. The Run-Time System includes an agent engine that provides an environment for execution of agent software. For more detailed information, see the product description and our white paper. You may also download the User's Guide for detailed information about the various tools in the tool suite.

What platforms does AgentBuilder support?
AgentBuilder requires a Java Virtual Machine capable of executing Java 1.2. We expect that AgentBuilder will work on any platform with this capability. AgentBuilder has been tested to run on Solaris, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows NT, and Linux platforms. We have not yet tested on other platforms and we do not currently have installation programs to help with installation on these platforms. We will be adding support for other platforms in the future. Please contact us directly for information on running AgentBuilder on the Macintosh platform.

Can I build multiple agents using AgentBuilder Lite?
Yes! AgentBuilder Lite is capable of building multiple agents. In fact, the User's Guide describes building a multi-agent system for electronic commerce - a simple shopping agent with two storefront agents (see Chapter 10). AgentBuilder Pro, however, has more sophisticated tools for multiple agent development.

How much does AgentBuilder cost?
Current pricing is available on the website. You can also place your order online using our secure server. If you have any questions, please contact AgentBuilder Sales via email at

Is there an evaluation copy of AgentBuilder available?
Evaluation copies of AgentBuilder Pro are available. There are no evaluation copies for AgentBuilder Lite. However we have made available the 250+ page User's Guide and Reference Manual which give detailed information about AgentBuilder. In addition, for the academic community, we have special discounted pricing.

If I buy AgentBuilder Lite now, are there any special price discounts for purchasing the Pro version?
We do have a special pricing plan that allows the cost of an AgentBuilder Lite license to be applied towards the purchase of an AgentBuilder Pro license (Note: This does not apply to academic versions). For additional information, please contact AgentBuilder Sales at

Do you have distributors in countries other than the U.S.?
We have a limited number of distributors outside the United States. Please contact us directly for information on these distributors. We are making all distributions available electronically. However, we do ship CD-ROMs and printed manuals worldwide.

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